JTS Microphones

Discover the precision of JTS Microphones, where superior sound meets innovative engineering. Renowned for their expert design and manufacture of professional wireless and wired microphones, JTS caters to vocalists and musicians alike, ensuring impeccable audio capture for any performance or recording scenario. JTS Microphones, hailing from a tradition of audio excellence, provides an extensive range of products that includes wireless microphone systems, stage and broadcast microphone systems, instrument microphones, wireless camera systems, and more. Whether for live performances, studio recordings, or broadcast environments, JTS stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability.JTS‘s dedication to innovation is evident in every microphone, offering users the clarity, durability, and versatility needed to elevate their sound experiences.

With advanced wireless technology, JTS wireless microphone systems outperform many other wireless systems in and above their price range. PLL technology provides great freedom from RF interference, and outstanding signal reliability allows a maximized numbers of systems working simultaneously.

Browse our range of JTS Microphones . Distributed by StageOne in South Africa.


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